On Hallowed Ground

An evening of living artwork
Created by Katherine Maxwell & Mary Remy

On Hallowed Ground honors the idea of nature as sanctuary, and expands on notions of freedom, instinct, and belonging. 
Created in response to Appalachian Elegy, a collection of poems by renowned author and feminist theorist bell hooks conveys a wide-eyed and wild childishness, as well as immeasurable reverence for the Kentucky land that raised her.
On Hallowed Ground is created in conjunction with Visual Elegy, an exhibition reflecting on the writings of bell hooks hosted by the Yeiser Art Center (Paducah, KY) from June 18 - July 27.

Collaborating artist, Mary Remy currently resides in Paducah, KY where she is a baker, writer, mover and shaker. Previously, Mary has lived in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and New York, cultivating artistic work across several cities. Mary is a part of the contemporary platform, glo and has appeared in numerous projects in conjunction with Atlanta-based conceptual artist, Lauri Stallings. Amongst New York City, collaborative projects include the short film, Diva, with Gallim Dance, stage works by Korhan Basaran, Tze Chun and Katherine Maxwell.  Mary is humbled and grateful to nourish her community with creative action and potential.

World Premiere
July 2016
Paducah, Kentucky

Photography by Glenn Hall and Travis Emery